Anonymous: Hi there!! I was curious- what app do you use to keep track of your intake and exercise?


I use the myfitnesspal app. It’s free and it’s really helpful!


ABC Diet Four


ABC Day Three


ABC Day Two


ABC Day One


Down 3.8 pounds. Today is my fourth day on the ABC diet! I am so excited to actually be seeing results this time! Lets hope I keep losing and can get to my ugw!

I am also going to be fixing up this blog over the next couple days, so bear with me!


lol well this break up is definitely a trigger.


I am officially home for Christmas break. I know this is the point where most people let themselves go and put on a couple of pounds because hey, it’s the holidays! But, that will not be me. 

Starting tomorrow I will again be recording my intake, I will be writing it in a notebook, for some reason that has worked a lot better for me than posting it on here or using myfitnesspal. If for some reason you want to know my intake, just message me, I’ll gladly post it. 

My goal was to be under 100 pounds by Christmas and I failed miserably, it destroyed me and triggered me at the same time. As soon as I get my car back (hopefully tomorrow) I will be making daily trips to the gym. I cannot live at this weight anymore. I am taking this break as an opportunity to really take control of my life, my body, and my intake.

Wish me luck!


Ana’s back.

I was recovering. I was starting to feel okay.

Until tonight she found me alone and came screaming back and she won’t leave and I’m fighting a losing battle.


between me, myself, and I.

One day I’ll wake up and think, “I need to be tiny, I won’t eat for a week.” and proceed to starve myself, hating myself more and more each time I fail.

Other days I wake up and think, “It’s okay. I am allowed to eat. I am going to do this the healthy way and see healthy results.” and eat what I assume a normal person eats.

Switching views on how I am going to lose weight almost daily is not helping me, it’s only messing up my metabolism. 

I just want to be skinny, can that just happen for me please?